The Power of Dreams…

Dreams can come true – and no one is more proof of that than Czech born – but who has spent so much time in Ireland over the years that she would be delighted to be considered an adopted Irishwoman – Yana (Jana Vondrusova) – and it’s no exaggeration to say that she has had an obsessive relationship with Ireland and especially its music and arts – travelling over to the gigs of her favourite artists all the time, supporting them in her excellent and heartfelt review website – Music from the – so it’s no surprise to hear how influenced by Ireland is her debut single ‘Distant Shore’ (out on September 9th) from her debut EP of the same name – but her dream wasn’t just to release her own music – which is the dream of most songwriters – but she also had the dream of playing with one of her favourite Irish artists Liam O’Maonlai of Hot House Flowers fame – and she still can’t quite believe that she got to spend a full “magical” day with him in the studio earlier this year where he accompanied her on both piano and vocals – the result of which is quite delightful.



With strong descriptive lyrics and haunting melodies, “Distant shore” was inspired by the abortion referendum held in this country last year. As Yana explains “I tried to put myself into the shoes of someone who’s forced to make a life-changing decision far away from their loved ones, in a foreign country. “

Its atmospheric, plaintive, poignant and emotional – quite reminiscent of Clannad – sitting in that Celtic folk vibe world music genre – helped in no small part by the other worldly backing singing of Liam O’Maolai and his signature effortless and seamless piano tinkles – but he’s certainly not taking it over and Jana shines through with a depth and quirkiness that makes this single well worth a spin and you will find yourself  being drawn to press the replay button over and over as I was..



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