Hijacker of Hearts

Sarah Buckley is the sort of singer-songwriter that steals up on you by surprise to hijack your heart, and having seen her play at a number of sessions and showcases, it’s her style that grabs you first. Modest and unassuming, you’re not being beaten over the head or blown out of the water, but her tunes will stay with you long after the gig has faded from memory. It’s like, you almost don’t notice her initially, she seems to just appear on stage, but then by the end she ends up being the person you notice and remember the most – a true sign of artistry and staying power.


It’s a testament to the quality of her recently released Live Sessions E.P that it sounds like a full studio recording – her voice is sublime, the guitar is zinging – it proves that you don’t have to be spending a fortune to produce a CD for your fans to enjoy.


Kicking off with the aptly titled Magic Powers – its sensual, descriptive, and yes, an opener that shows off her magic folk-songstress powers and charming voice – the soundtrack of a languid Sunday morning – but it’s the captivating ‘You’ve got me’ where Sarah comes into her own – wonderfully hypnotic, reggae like guitar strums that carry you along, with phrases that effortlessly hook you in and linger long.

“You’ve got me,  you’ve got me, down to my toes, ” and that’s how the listener feels at the end of the tune.


Little Freak shows off her strength as a storyteller and the spellbinding Cauldron Walls closes the E.P. The first time I put in on in the car I was just compelled to let it repeat several times over and over – with songs as powerful as these we can only look forward to a full album..



BUY LINK- https://sarahbuckleymusic.bandcamp.com/album/sarah-buckley-live-sessions


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